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Video Tutorials

Our full-length, training videos review all the key elements to develop your skills toward successful stock trading. You will learn price-volume analysis, bar chart reading, use of pivot points, and the secrets revealed by equivolume charts. Learn at your own pace, at your convenience, and at a significant value.

Identify Opportunities

You will quickly learn to identify high-likelihood opportunities vs. false stock price moves driven by the larger institutions that essentially control the market.  Trading isn't as simple as knowing price-based chart patterns. Volume analysis is essential.


Our mentoring program is an affordable way to accelerate your trading towards profitability. TradeRounds instructors are university professors who have decades of teaching and trading experience. Our case-based study teaching method simulates live trading conditions and will accelerate your learning curve. 





Learn to Trade Like a Big Market Player

Our full-length video tutorials teach you the secrets of trading professionals



Easy to understand concepts.

Before & after case study method.

False moves that trap traders.

Identify climatic buying/selling.



A simple, visual way to read charts without indicators.

Charting method that incorporates price and volume.

Competitive edge.

Institutional fingerprints revealed.



Learn the hidden price levels used by floor traders.

Identify key support & resistance levels.

Use pivots to let winning trades run.

Identify pivot conditions that predict a trading range.


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High frequency and institutional outfits commonly trap inexperienced traders with false moves.

The key to avoid these traps is to identify these seemingly hidden hands.

Large volume is the fingerprint for institutional traders that the smaller trader may easily recognize.

Double pressure is a common 2-bar chart pattern that even beginning traders may recognize to ride explosive stock moves initiated by institutional traders.


What Our Members Say About Us   

"Learning how to stock trade with my TradeRounds professional trading mentors was the best investment I ever made. The instructors are successful traders and professors at a university. They have decades of educational experience, and they are incredibly gifted and patient teachers. They simply have the knack of teaching technical analysis in a manner that is accessible to people of all levels prior experience. They begin by introducing basic concepts through highly engaging narrated powerpoint presentations, and gradually progress to more advanced trading concepts. Their price-volume trading method is highly visual and allows you to look at a chart a see a story quite rapidly."

Hall G